Conception & Social Strategies

Every video, photo series or social campaign starts with a rough idea, a vague image in your head. At slō we understand that telling a story is about understanding the brand‘s values, putting them into a visual composition, seeing the unseen and being in the right place at the right time. We can support you putting your vision into concrete terms, creating an elaborate concept including mood and story boards and initiating next steps.

A story can be told in such a visually appealing and exciting way - if it is not placed correctly, most of its potential is given away. We ensure that your campaign takes place on the right channels and pervades the right customers, multipliers and opinion leaders.

Location Scouting & Set Design

An idea needs the right space to come to life and grow. In a loud and turbulent city like Berlin we think it’s best to take it slow. By fully observing our environment we find inspiration almost everywhere. We take care of finding the perfect location, thoughtfully selecting props and accessories, building innovative backgrounds and creating unique surroundings by playing with light and various materials such as paper, wood, glass and foils.

slō is about being curious. Always keeping our eyes and mind open for sets with a twist.

Photography & Videography

With our sense for aesthetics, our open eye and steady hand, we aim to capture feelings and preserve them forever: the energetic vibe at your event, the launch of your new product, a project that has always been your dream.

We are inspired by the feeling of nostalgia and by using both digital and analogue media we feel deeply connected to the art we make. We like to take our time before pressing the shutter and by dedicating full attention to details, editing and post production, we‘ll turn moments into exceptional and stimulating images.

Graphic Design & Illustration

A story does not necessarily have to be told in the form of photographs. We understand graphical design as a way of visual communication that is every bit as impactful as photos. Graphics and Illustrations can work well as stand-alone, but we also like them in combination with photographs.