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Eco-friendly camera wrap made in Berlin.

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The new camera bag

Rappu combines conscious design with functionality. Our mission is to make it fun and comfortable using your camera every day. We created three sizes that fit tightly and protectively around the object. Ideal for carrying on daily routines or when traveling - because it's lightweight and doesn't take up space.

Rappu is made of soft but sturdy textiles - two vegan leather options available. We carefully source all materials and produce locally in Berlin.

Playful, compact, flexible

Rappu is the ideal way to store your camera easily and safely in your bag with quick accessibility and flexibility - also suitable for lenses, hard drives or other equipment.

Rappu does not completely unwrap as soon as you remove the camera, but it remains to the extent that the objects can be quickly stowed back inside after each use.

Locally produced in Berlin

Our products are made locally in a small manufacturing facility in Berlin. Every Rappu is a unique handmade piece of special quality that is designed to last.

Made from eco-friendly materials

It is our mission to use socially and ecologically compatible materials that do not harm our planet.

Transparent from A to Z

We are transparent towards the people who work for us, work with us or buy our products – offering insights into our pricing, materials and production.

About Rappu
Soft but sturdy camera wrap to safely transport your camera and equipment and to protect against dirt, dust and scratches. Ideal for storing in tote bags, backpacks or in travel luggage. 

Rappu is diamond-shaped and closes when opposite corners connect with the velcro. The elastic band holds the wrap in place and adapts to the content.
→ Measurements: cm 47wide / 53cm high
→ Weight: 138g  

Size M+ can hold SLRs and many DSLRs (e.g. Canon 5D + 50mm), mirrorless and compact system cameras, zoom lenses or other larger items.

The black outer material is a soft but sturdy vegan leather. AppleSkin integrates organic apple peels into the skin of the material. The silk-like inner fabric is made from Tencel - derived from renewable wood sources. Read more about our materials here.

Treat it with love and hand wash gently using a cloth soaked in warm soapy water.

Print designed by Steffi Bauer.