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About us

We are two women inspired by the feeling of nostalgia.

Slō was brought to life as a space where we met up weekly to create analog photos and videos together to learn with and from each other about many different formats. It’s our medium to express our creativity and communicate our identity. We encourage ourselves to return to the slow and mindful craft of photography and with full attention to details, take our time before pressing the shutter. slō (phonetic transcription for slow) stands for the appreciation of time and for the single moment. 

Meet the Team

Vera Landmann and Lena Lammers, co-founders of slō stories

Lena is a writer and graphic designer and has laid the foundation of our visual identity. Lena’s profound skills in communication and marketing are essential for the success of our projects. With her ambition, experience and strategic vision, she ensures the success of projects. Her love of detail and her sense of humor are reflected in our illustrations and are an essential element in our product development process.

Vera is a photographer and uses her camera to capture moods and express her feelings. For our projects and content development, she majorly contributes with her knowledge in analog and digital photography. In addition to photos and videos, she is passionate about sustainability and mindfulness. Vera brings lightness and vigor to the company with her positive aura. Thanks to her enthusiasm for well-designed products, she can quickly charm other people about her ideas.

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