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Vision, Mission, Values

moving, flowing or proceeding at less than usual speed.

In today's fast paced world, our vision is to create with more intention. We want to encourage each other to return to the slow and mindful craft of photography and give moments the appreciation they deserve.

As women we are missing a female perspective online that shares their knowledge on photography, film stock or camera equipment. We would like to see more female founders in this industry. To help make that change, we launched our slō stories channels to create accessible content on topics surrounding analog photo and video formats.

We set out to evolve into a conscious label around the art of slow photography - leading us to design the first eco-friendly camera wrap made in Berlin - called Rappu. The story of Rappu began through the frequent use of cameras, when we needed a flexible transport solution to carry them inside our bags wherever we go. Our mission is to make it fun and comfortable transporting your camera in everyday life.

Our design and business structure is based on our values:


We offer insights into our pricing, materials and manufacturing processes. This also means that we're open about materials or processes that still have weak points. At this point we haven't found 100% green replacements for certain parts that certify the quality and durability of our product. Instead of hiding them, we know this is a process and involve our community in improving our products.

→ Read more about our materials here.


We behave fairly towards the people who work for us, work with us or buy our products. This includes transparency on all levels, fair wages and respectful collaboration.


We take responsibility: what, how and where we produce. We have a sustainable vision for our company and seek to minimize waste. It is our mission to use socially and ecologically compatible materials for our products that do not harm the environment, animals or people in any way. We also rely on the responsible use of resources: in the selection of fibers and materials, in the selected request for samples, avoidance and reuse of scrap and the use of environmentally friendly packaging material.


In times of "fast fashion" and consumption, we are clearly positioning ourselves against the fast pace of the accessories industry and advocating for timeless, trend-independent design. We want to create long-lasting products that are decoupled from trends and that accompany buyers for as long as possible.